Welcome to the official web site for real estate in Jefferson City, MO.  Our aim was to provide you with the best free tools and resources so that you will be more informed when you leave than when you arrived and will feel confident that everytime you return you will get the most useful and up to date search results on the web.

Being a real estate agent in Jefferson City, MO is about more than just assisting buyers and sellers in achieving their dreams of owning their new homes.  It's about providing a level of service that helps our clients gain the knowledge necessary to make the best decision possible when choosing the agent and agency that will be representing them in the sale or purchase of their home.

The business of real estate at it's core has not changed much in recent years but the way the business get's done has changed immensely.  The implementation of technology has changed the landscape of real estate marketing, the consumer and how they are reached.  Because of technology the consumer today is more educated than ever before and will look to the internet to provide them with much needed information before they ever contact an agent or make a buying decision.

At Gordon Real Estate in Jefferson City, MO we understand the importance of providing the best mixture of standard real estate marketing techniques carefully paired with the latest web 2.0 marketing strategies.  We provide agents who are skillfully trained in the areas of photo/video creation, social media marketing, web site creation and syndication, negoitating tactics and much more.  We market to the most buyers in Jefferson City, MO in the most places and in the most diverse ways possible.  Thanks

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